Long Distance (Business)

MTC Communications, a subsidiary of McDonough Telephone, offers a complete range of long distance service to our members.  Whether you’re calling your friend in Macomb, your cousin in Seattle or your brother in Paris, MTC can make the connection.

So, What’s the MTC Advantage?

  • One bill – MTC is the only long distance company whose billing is done by McDonough Telephone
  • Local customer service representatives – People you know and trust are always available to answer your questions and solve your problems.
  • Earn capital credits – All services billed on your McDonough Telephone billing are included in the figure used to compute your annual capital credit allocation.
  • Helps your cooperative grow and become stronger – Your support keeps the cooperative and the communities it serves economically sound.
  • FREE Member-to-Member Calling!
    That’s right – any McDonough Telephone member who uses MTC Communications to carry all of their long distance can call any other McDonough Telephone member for FREE! Calls must still be dialed with the 1 and the area code. This includes anyone with a telephone prefix of:

    • in area code 217 – 449 & 755
    • in area code 309 – 254, 257, 325, 456, 652, 653, 746, 769, 774 & 776

Terms and Conditions for Long Distance Services with MTC Communications