Video (Residential)


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MTC-TV is a 100% digital video service offered by McDonough Telephone. The programming is delivered to your home over the telephone wires to a set top box or boxes.



* Number of additional streams available depends on location.

Premium Channel Packages

  • STARZ – Premium – $12.25/mo
  • Cinemax – Premium – $12.25/mo
  • Showtime – Premium – $12.25/mo
  • Premium Pick 2 – $11.25 each/mo.
  • Premium All 3 – $10.25 each/mo.
  • HBO – $16.00 (HBO is not included in the package pricing listed above.)

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Pay-Per-View (PPV) Events

Enjoy live programming such as UFC, wrestling, boxing and concerts! Since many of the shows are live, PPV runs on a fixed schedule like regular programming. This differs from Video on Demand which lets you watch a selected program on your schedule.

Because PPV programming is more expensive and contains some mature content, it has not been automatically added to all MTC-TV subscriber accounts. Call our office if you’d like to have access to PPV content. There is no charge to add PPV to your service. Charges are only incurred when a particular program is rented. Once PPV has been activated on your account, the programming is available on channel 601.


What is a PVR or Personal Video Recorder? It works much like a CD or VCR player but with some significant improvements. You don’t need and discs or tapes – your programs are saved on a hard drive in the PVR. You can record a program that’s currently playing or schedule future recordings with the touch of a button. One of the best features of the PVR is the ability to control live television. Need to answer the phone? Hit Pause on the remote. When you return to the TV, press Play and the show picks up right where you left off.

HD or High Definition TV provides a picture with much higher resolution than traditional standard definition television systems. You get a wider picture with greater detail and the clarity of motion pictures. The sound quality is also dramatically better. (Note: You must have a television capable of receiving an HD signal.)


HD Programming……………………………………$10.95/month
PVR only……………………………………………..$10.95/month

  • Must subscribe to Standard Definition (SD) expanded video to be eligible for any HD services.
  • HD not offered in all areas. Please check with our office for availability.

WatchTVEverywhere NOW AVAILABLE!

WatchTVEverywhere is a service that allows cable TV subscribers to view TV programs on devices other than a TV set. This can include a PC, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. For more details, click here.


CHANNEL LINE-UPS – Standard Definition and HD Programming