How to Install and Activate Your
MTC Internet service

Get started and get connected to your lightning fast internet by following the steps below:

  1. Locate the instructions in your MTC Router box
  2.  Download and open the free MTC Wi-Fi app
  3. Sign Up on the MTC Wi-Fi App
  4. Follow the guided installation steps within the app

Get Started:
MTC's Advanced wi-Fi

What is Advanced Wi-Fi? MTC offers our customers some of the fastest Internet connection speeds available. Chicago? Des Moines? St. Louis? People there aren’t streaming, surfing, or downloading any faster than you will. Get reliable, advanced Wi-Fi that you can count on with a high-performance dual-band router and year-round maintenance and support.

We believe that our customers are the best and they deserve the best. We’re committed to offering our customers just that: the best in service and support.

Plus the best part? MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi is now included in all of our new residential internet packages! Talk about Wi-Fi made easy.

setting up your system vid

Included in your MTC Install Kit:


GigaSpire Router


Power Cable


Ethernet Cable

MTC Advanced Wi-Fi features

WHat comes with your MTC advanced wi-fi?

Wireless Router & Replacement

Get a high-quality, gig-capable Smart Router with Lightning-fast next-generation technology. Our router allows you to maximize network capacity to handle more devices on your network. Plus, our techs can remotely troubleshoot your connection or replace your router.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Having a secure connection is essential to protect your in-home devices. That's why we automatically update our router firmware to keep your connection secure. Plus, get real-time online protection from the most common types of malicious threats with MTC's Managed Wi-Fi.

Visits to Home

If you're experiencing trouble with your MTC router service, and our techs can't solve the issue by remotely troubleshooting your connection, MTC will send a tech to your home during business hours without any additional cost.

Existing Wiring & Jacks

Our Advanced Wi-Fi and managed protection covers the existing wiring and jacks on the ONT and in the home or business. Additional wiring can be added for a one-time charge.

How can I Manage My Connected devices?

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, managing all of your connected devices and your network takes just a few taps! Easily view all of your connected devices with MTC’s free MTC Wi-Fi app, set up your network name and password, and even configure parental controls.

Download the free MTC Wi-Fi app from your App Store to start managing your connected devices, and watch the videos below to get started:

Manage Your Connected Devices
With the MTC Wi-Fi app

Run a Speed Test and Add networks with the MTC Wi-Fi app


what makes advanced wi-fi different?

MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi make managing speeds of 1Gig and more than 30 connected devices look easy.

Our Wi-Fi is built with you in mind to keep you connected to all that you do. From connecting your entire home to the latest Wi-Fi to keeping your video calls and devices running without interruption, it all works for you!

Our trained technicians set up our managed router during the service installation. They can customize your network, set up a specific password and network name, and add your devices to make connecting as easy as possible.

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to MTC’s free MTC Wi-Fi app, which allows you to manage your network connection and all of your connected devices 24/7, right from the palm of your hand.

See how many connected devices you have connected, set up parental controls, monitor your network, and even add a guest network all from our free MTC Wi-Fi app!

Easily configure parental controls for your network or for specific devices with age-appropriate content filters and usage hours.

Just use our free MTC Wi-Fi app to start monitoring your device connections.

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to MTC’s technical support staff to help troubleshoot and resolve issues 24/7!

If our techs can’t fix your problem over the phone, a trained technician will come to your home and fix the issue during business hours without any additional cost.