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Hey Carthage, Hamilton, Roseville, & Biggsville!

MTC Communications provides you with lightning-fast internet speeds for every device in your home. Enjoy streaming video without long buffering times, gaming without lagging, and no data caps to cramp your style.

MTC Fiber Optic Internet is the best solution for your home and your budget!

Check if your address is in our fiber build, and see if you can get faster, more reliable internet!

What does fiber mean for you?

Fiber internet is the fastest residential internet technology available today. How does it work? Fiber gets its name from using fiber-optic lines. These “fiber” lines are cables that contain strands of glass that transmit light at designated intervals to relay digital code from one end to the other.
This technology allows for internet speeds that far surpass what you get from DSL or cable.

Fiber means:

  • Faster Load Times
  • Happier Households
  • Less Smashing of the Reload Button

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