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Advanced Wi-Fi

Your MTC Advanced Wi-Fi router delivers a fast, reliable home Wi-Fi experience, and it comes with the MTC Wi-Fi App! 

At MTC, we provide fast, reliable internet packages supported by state-of-the-art equipment to give you worry-free internet, so you can enjoy seamless connections across every device in every room. Get MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, and start connecting.

MTC Wi-Fi App Features

The MTC Wi-Fi app is included with MTC’s Advanced Wi-fi. With the MTC Wi-Fi app, you can:

MTC Wi-Fi app and Router
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Why Choose MTC's
Advanced Wi-Fi?

It’s simple: Get worry-free Wi-Fi and a reliable connection you can count on.

In today’s wireless word, it’s important to have a strong, reliable wireless network and connection. With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi with wireless network management, you’ll have 24/7 access to MTC’s technical support staff to help troubleshoot and resolve issues over the phone.

If they can’t remotely fix the issue, a trained technician will come to your home and fix the issue during business hours without any additional cost.

Plus, easily manage your connection with our MTC Wi-Fi app!

Let's get started -
MTC's Advanced wi-Fi

What is MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi?

Our MTC Advanced Wi-Fi includes our state-of-the-art router and MTC Wi-Fi app. It is designed to deliver a fast and reliable home Wi-Fi experience like never before. 

With seamless connectivity across every device in every room, you can enjoy worry-free internet, ensuring your online experience is consistently smooth.

Download the MTC Wi-Fi app and then watch the video to get started:

MTC Advanced Wi-Fi features

WHat comes with your advanced wi-fi?

Wireless Router & Replacement

Get a high-quality, gig-capable Smart Router with Lightning-fast next-generation technology. Our router allows you to maximize network capacity to handle more devices on your network. Plus, our techs can remotely troubleshoot your connection or replace your router.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Having a secure connection is essential to protect your in-home devices. That's why we automatically update our router firmware to keep your connection secure. Plus, get real-time online protection from the most common types of malicious threats with MTC's Managed Wi-Fi.

Visits to Home

If you're experiencing trouble with your MTC router service, and our techs can't solve the issue by remotely troubleshooting your connection, MTC will send a tech to your home during business hours without any additional cost.

Existing Wiring & Jacks

Our Advanced Wi-Fi and managed protection covers the existing wiring and jacks on the ONT and in the home or business. Additional wiring can be added for a one-time charge.

How can I Manage My MTC Wi-Fi?

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, managing all of your connected devices and your network takes just a few taps! Easily view all of your connected devices with MTC’s free MTC Wi-FI app and website, set up your network name and password, and even configure parental controls.

Download the FREE “MTC Wi-Fi app” from the App Store or Google Play store, and watch the videos below to get started:

Set up your MTC Wi-Fi app

Manage your Wi-Fi password and Guest Network

How to Set up Parental Controls

How to run a speed test on your Wi-Fi

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What if I don't have MTC's Managed Wi-fi?

In the event of an issue, MTC will still provide superior service. Without MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi and wireless network management, equipment delivered to the home and labor during normal business hours will incur a $65 trip charge. A $100/hour charge will apply for all additional troubleshooting, issues, or repair work performed by the technicians at the customer’s location during business hours, and a $142.50/hour charge will apply for after-hours labor.

This service does not cover:

Installation of new jacks, customer-owned equipment such as TV’s, computers, etc., routers not provided by MTC, customer negligence (pets chewing on lines, accidentally cutting through lines, natural disaster, etc.), business phone systems, and guaranteed wireless coverage (additional access points may be necessary for whole-home wi-fi coverage).

We also offer Customer Assurance plans that take the worry out of repairs and give you protection over all your services. Check out our plans:

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