Non-Residential Phone Systems

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Your phone is one of the most important components of your organization’s success. We offer communications solutions that will keep you connected with customers and employees anywhere, anytime.

When you choose MTC, you will receive professional installation and training on your system’s features in addition to a state-of-the art phone systemOur phone systems provide a wide variety of productivity-boosting features. Get even more support with our Managed IT Services, and stop worrying about your connection.

VoIP phone system

What's the difference between a VoIP and Traditional phone?

A VoIP phone sends data over the internet, requiring a strong and stable internet connection for a successful phone call. A digital phone transmits data through a physical phone line,  not over the internet, so you’re free to use your bandwidth on other devices.

Watch this video to learn more!

Which phone plan is best for your business?

Digital Phone System
Polycom Phone System

Digital Phone System

VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems

Not sure what system would work best for your home or business? Call our office to speak with set up an appointment and get a phone plan customized to meet your needs.

vvx601The Polycom® VVX® 600 Series are premium business media phones designed to enhance collaboration and personal productivity. Founded on the behavior common to smartphones and tablets, the intuitive gesture-based, multitouch user interface of the Polycom VVX 600 Series makes navigation easy and requires minimal training.

  • 480x272 high resolution color display
  • 16 lines & 32 concurrent calls
  • Touchscreen menu navigation
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Polycom VVX camera compatible
  • Improve workspace mobility through Bluetooth® headset integration

Polycom VVX 600 Phone SystemCorporate executives and managers need every available communication option. With its beautiful touch screen display and media capabilities, the Polycom VVX 600© gives them everything they need and more.

  • 480x272 high resolution color display
  • 16 lines & 32 concurrent calls
  • Touchscreen menu navigation
  • Busy lamp field
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Polycom VVX camera compatible
  • Improve workspace mobility through Bluetooth® headset integration

Polycom VVX 501 Phone SystemThis easy-to-use, high performance phone is the perfect solution for today's busy managers and knowledge workers wishing to take full advantage of every Hosted UC feature.

  • 320x240 high resolution color display
  • 12 lines & 24 concurrent calls
  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Touchscreen menu navigation
  • Voicemail and videomail support
  • Busy lamp field
  • Polycom VVX camera compatible
  • Dual USB ports (2.0 compliant) for media
    and storage applications

Polycom VVX 411 Phone SystemA color midrange business media phone for today’s
office workers and call attendants that delivers crystal clear communications. The Polycom® VVX® 411 Series are expandable color business media phones that deliver crystal clear communications, enhanced collaboration and personal productivity.

  • Backlit 3.5 in color LCD (320 x 240) resolution
  • Voicemail support1
  • WebKit-based browser
  • Adjustable base height
  • Polycom® HD Voice™ technology delivers lifelike voice quality
  • Dedicated RJ-9 headset port
  • Hearing aid compatibility

Polycom VVX 311 Phone SystemThe VVX 311 Series brings high-quality, cost-effective solutions to any environment through advanced unified communications (UC) features. This is a powerful entry-level business media phone for today’s cubicle workers handling a low to moderate volume of calls delivering crystal clear communications.

  • 208x104 backlit graphical LCD display
  • 6 lines & 12 concurrent calls
  • Shared call/bridged line appearance
  • 4 context-sensitive soft keys
  • 5 menu navigation keys
  • Busy lamp field
  • GigE ports available on VVX 310 (for additional cost)

Polycom VVX 201 Phone SystemThe Polycom® VVX® 201 is a simple, yet reliable, two-line IP phone, with two 10/100 Ethernet ports, that delivers enterprise grade sound quality. This is a stylish, cost effective telephone solution, ideal for retail environments, call centers or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms or anywhere needing simple and reliable connectivity.

  • 132x64 graphical backlit LCD resolution screen
  • 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys
  • 2 line keys with bi-color (red/green) LED
  • “Home” feature key
  • 4-way navigation key cluster with center “Select” key
  • 2 volume control keys

Polycom VVX 101 Phone SystemThe Polycom® VVX® 101 is a simple, yet reliable, one-line SIP phone, with a 10/100 Ethernet port, that delivers enterprise grade sound quality. This phone is a stylish, cost effective telephone solution, ideal for a home office or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms or anywhere needing simple and reliable connectivity.

  • 132x64 graphical backlit LCD resolution screen
  • 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys
  • 2 line keys with bi-color (red/green) LED
  • “Home” feature key
  • 4-way navigation key cluster with center “Select” key
  • 2 volume control keys

Panasonic KX-TCP600 Phone SystemWhen the freedom of a cordless phone is needed, the Panasonic KX-TGP600 offers the perfect solution. This phone is the newest iteration of the TGP series of DECT phones from Panasonic. As a cordless IP phone solution, the TGP600 offers increased mobility and versatility for wireless phones, and can handle 8 simultaneous calls.

  • 1.8-inch, 65,000-color TFT display on a cordless handset
  • 200 hours standby time and 11 hours talk time
  • Support for up to 8 DECT handsets and up to 8 SIP registrations
  • High-quality wideband voice
  • Up to 500 contacts in phonebook

VoIP Packages & Features

VIPremium VIPreferred Primer
Unlimited Local/Long Distance

Desktop/Visual Sharing

Web Meeting

Audio Conferencing*


Mobility (One-number access, Presence,
Find Me/Follow Me, Android/iPhone/iPad client)

Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer,
Not Reachable, Selective)

Voicemail (Voicemail-to-email)

Speed Dial

Shared Call Appearance

Extension-to-Extension Calls

Primer, VIPremium, and VIPreferred packages all come quipped with individual phone numbers (DIDs), E911 service, caller ID, 3-way calling, speed dial, and call logs.
*Usage fees will apply

Pricing does not include any applicable taxes, fees, & surcharges

VoIP Account Features

VoIP Add-Ons Available

Standalone Mailbox

Virtual Extensions

Virtual Numbers

Audio Conference
Additional Auto Attendant

Advanced Auto Attendant

Toll Free Numbers

Fax Line
Personal Hosted Fax

Share Hosted Fax

Call Recording

Receptionist Console
Call Center
User – $14.99/mo
Agent Client – $24.99/mo
Supervisor Client – $49.99/mo

International Countries

Costa Rica
United Kingdom

Interested in a digital phone?

Digital Phone systems offer a variety of benefits for the user, the main benefit being that digital phones don’t require high-speed internet access. Thinking that a digital phone would meet your connection needs? Consider what type of connection you might want, and then call our office for more details on what system would be best for you.

IP4WW-24TIXH Digital Phone
Plain old Telephone Service

Basic Business Phone

We offer single-line and multi-line phone service for your business at prices that can help you save money. In addition to local calling, we also offer long distance!

Your phone is one of the most critical components of your successful business, so we want to help you find a simple solution that works for you. Interested in basic telephone service? We’ve got you covered!

Our basic telephone service starts at $30 a month per line, and we offer a multi-line discount.

Check out our most popular calling features below:

Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to another number for only $1.25/mo!

Caller ID

Sign up for Caller ID Number Only for $1.25/mo, or sign up for Caller ID Name and Number for $5.00/mo.


Be able to receive and store messages for $3.00 a month!

And more!

Additional phone add-on features start at $1.25/mo, including:

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way-Calling
  • Call Screening
  • Trunk Hunting

Call our office for a full list of calling features: 309-575-3211

MTC Minutes

Non-Residential Long Distance Plan

Our current non-residential long distance plan, MTC Minutes, is a straightforward 8-cent-per-minute plan. Only pay for what you use, without the pesky monthly service fees for long distance, with MTC Minutes. Thinking that our plan is perfect for your organization’s needs? Call us to sign up today!

Frequently asked questions

A VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone system sends calls through the internet to provide a consistent and reliable connection.

A digital phone system transmits electrical signals along a phone line, not over the internet, so your connection doesn’t rely on your bandwidth speed.

There are pros and cons to both phone systems. A VoIP phone would work well in an office that has high speed internet; whereas a digital phone might work better in areas without a fiber high speed internet connection.

Nope! You’re no longer required to have a phone line to be a member, which can free up your budget to spend more on your internet speed. Pretty cool, huh?

Yes! MTC Communications, a subsidiary of McDonough Telephone, offers a complete range of long distance service to our members.  Whether you’re calling your friend in Macomb or your cousin in Seattle, MTC can make the connection. All Non-Residential phone lines can enjoy our straightforward MTC Minutes plan, with 8-cent-per-minute long distance calling.

One bill – MTC is the only long distance company whose billing is done by McDonough Telephone

Local customer service representatives – People you know and trust are always available to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Earn capital credits – All services billed on your McDonough Telephone billing are included in the figure used to compute your annual capital credit allocation.

Helps your cooperative grow and become stronger – Your support keeps the cooperative and the communities it serves economically sound.

FREE Member-to-Member Calling!
That’s right – any McDonough Telephone member who uses MTC Communications to carry all of their long distance can call any other McDonough Telephone member for FREE! Calls must still be dialed with the 1 and the area code. This includes anyone with a telephone prefix of:

in area code 217 – 449 & 755

in area code 309 – 254, 257, 325, 456, 652, 653, 746, 769, 774 & 776

If you have a VoIP system, you need to have an internet connection. If you have a digital phone, you don’t need an internet line, but you need a phone line that connects to your home or business. 

  • Caller Id Name & Number: $5.00/mo
  • Teen/Fax Line Ringing: $5.00/mo
  • Voice Mail: $3.00/mo
  • Other features starting at $1.25/mo per feature

Looking for information and help on how to use our calling features? Check out our helpful online pdf guide with additional information: 

Calling Features & Phone Service Information

Please see our Regulatory Page for our terms, Tariffs, & conditions.

Pricing does not include any applicable taxes, fees, & surcharges